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Staff training to deal with Challenging Behaviour and Physical Intervention in Emergency Situations.

6 hour Training Course

This six hour, one day course (with 2hrs pre course study required) is recommended for staff working in many different sectors, wherever challenging behaviour and assaults are a high risk or probability. It has been devised to cover diverse sectors of employment including, but not exclusively from: Teaching, Special Educational Needs (SEN), Social Care, Dementia, Learning Disabilities or Learning Difficulties as well as Retail Environments.

The course is approved and certificated by RDS Training Ltd, one of the UK’s leading companies in the field of Conflict Management and Physical Intervention, who have had their techniques approved by Independent Government Bodies & Agencies.

On this approved course you will be taught by highly experienced licensed tutors, concentrating on prevention as the preferred route rather than physical intervention by:

  • Tried and tested methods of reducing the likelihood of assault from service user, customers and clients by use of Dynamic Risk Assessment and appropriate body language, how these can be used to help prevent assault and stop abuse before it happens.
  • How to recognise danger signs in service users, clients or customers and how to respond to them appropriately.
  • Making you aware of your rights in law if you are threatened, abused or assaulted in the course of your work. Whilst ensuring that reducing the use of restrictive practices, is an objective notion fully supported within the 3rd edition of the BILD Code of Practice, for the use of restrictive physical interventions.
  • Promoting understanding that ‘you do not have to accept violence or assaults by service users, clients or customer as part of the job, just because they are ill or vulnerable’. Violence is never acceptable.
  • Identifying your rights under Employment Law & Health and Safety Law and what you can do if you feel threatened or are being assaulted.
  • Understand the difference between Planned Intervention and Emergency Interventions and appropriate responses, to achieve a safe outcome for the service user, customer and member of staff by promoting Positive Behaviour in an appropriate way.
  • Your employment rights when using, reasonable appropriate & justifiable emergency Interventions safely & effectively.
  • Appropriate responses, of how to prevent assaults and injury that are within the Law, but do not damage the long term patient staff relationship and are non-aggressive, abusive and non-pain compliant.
  • Learn in what circumstances it is appropriate to use these techniques, such as; when there is a risk to either you or another person which endangers health or life.
  •  Recognising that your actions must be reasonable, proportionate and justifiable & the likely consequences if unlawful excessive force is used.
  •  Awareness of the causes and contra indications of High Risk Factors such as Positional Asphyxia and Toxic Excited Delirium in any Physical Intervention use, and how to avoid these life threatening complications.

You can book on our courses either as a group through your employer, or if you wish as an individual. All delegates receive joining instructions, pre study document, a course handbook with easy to recall pictures and breakdown of approved techniques. The price is only £75pp, individuals can book ‘on line’ on any of our advertised weekday or weekend public courses. Don’t delay, space is very limited! Demand is always high. Telephone 7836232993

Please be aware: As this course involves a practical training element, delegates need to be reasonably active & fit and in a good state of health to fully participate. Full joining instructions will be provided. We can also arrange dedicated private in house training courses for your staff. Contact Peter on 07836232993 for further information.


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