Nightingales Training Services

PSS CCTV Operator Training Course

31.6 hrs + including Practical Assessment

This training course is designed for security staff wishing to work in a CCTV control room, or where CCTV cameras are used to view public space surveillance. For example: monitoring CCTV images from either inside or outside of a public building or where CCTV cameras are used to monitor the activities of members of the public in a public area or space.

This training course takes place over three / four days and is classroom based for two / three days, plus it includes one day practical assessment on the use of PSS CCTV equipment and practical reporting procedures.

One of the modules ‘Working Within the Private Security Industry’ may be classroom taught or be via prior distance learning.

The qualification will allow staff to apply for the SIA, PSS CCTV Operators licence.

Nightingales are accredited by NOCN to deliver this training module


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